May 2022: Sheep shearing on the farm of Charly and Andrea Smietana

May 2022: Sheep shearing at Alexander Lausberg in Mössingen

February 2022: Our new rams Hans and Frederic at the sheep farm Smietana

December 2021: The first snowflakes have fallen

August 2021: Impressions of our sponsored sheep at Charly Smietana

July 2021: New lambs at Alexander Lausberg

June 2021: Start of summer at Charly Smietana's with our sponsored sheep in Münsingen

April 2021: Spring at the edge of the Swabian Alb by Alexander Lausberg

March 2021: Spring greetings from our shepherds

January 2021: The onset of winter at Alexander Lausberg at the foot of the Swabian Alb.

January 2021: freezing cold at Charly Smietana on the Ostalb

Hiking pictures in December 2020 taken by Ruth Häckh

The colorful Swabian Alb

Pictures taken by our new shepherd Alexander Lausberg

Summer pictures 2020

April 2020: Spring pictures taken by Charly Smietana

February 2020: Spring pictures taken by Ruth Häckh

February 2020: Pasture pictures taken by Charly Smietana

The Schafpate Meeting 2019

Sheepshearing 2019

Ruth Häckh: New water tank

Spring Pictures taken by Ruth Häckh

Charly Smietana: Spring Pictures

Winter impressions taken by Ruth Häckh

Winter Pasture 2018

Ruth Häckh: Autumn images

The Schafpate Meeting 2018

Ruth Häckh: Summertime

March 2018: Spring Pictures and 3 new breeding rams

Winter Pictures 2017

Breeding auction - Leopold and Hektor

April 2017: Spring

Summertime taken by Ruth Häckh

More Pictures

First Snow

Bruno the Great

Water, Water, Water

Summer Lambs