The Schafpate-project started in 2008 and can be split into two parts: The sheep sponsorship and the wool project. Both parts are closely linked.

The sheep-sponsorship

Everybody has the possibility to start a sheep sponsorship and to give “their” sheep its own name. The sponsorship costs 60 € per year and the sponsor gets back a gift in value of 20 € each year they sponsor a sheep. 25 € is allocated to an additional account. This money ensures fast and unbureaucratic help is readily available to the sheep farmers which take part in this project (see declaration). With your sheep sponsorship you support the migratory sheep farming and the preservation of the unique landscape of the Wacholderheiden on the Swabian Alb. It is also our goal to increase the quality of the wool from the german merinolandsheep, for example, by buying suitable breeding stock.

The wool project

Because of the already increased quality of the wool, the sheep farmers gain more money with the shorn wool. We, as a yarn manufacturer, buy some of the wool and process it into our beautiful printed Opal sweater and sock wool, which is sold all over the world. With this project we keep jobs in Germany, the sheep farmers are supported, and in addition to this, active environmental and nature conservation is continually being pursued. The Schafpate badge documents the path from the sheep farmer to the consumer. The sheep farm of the family Smietana takes care of the Schafpate sheep. Every year there is a meeting at their sheep farm, where all the sponsors can visit their sheep and get to know the work of a sheep farmer.

The Sheep Pats Meeting

What a great patent meeting on Saturday in Steinheim.

After a two year break, the 11th sheep patent meeting was held on Saturday, September 10, 2022.

We were very pleased that so many of you showed up and spent the day with us. The weather mostly cooperated, so we had sunny hours with only a few rain showers.

The morning at the sheepfarm was entertaining with coffee, pretzels and cake and then we were off to the Dudelberg. There we were expected by Andreas Kühnhöfer, nature conservation officer and forester in Steinheim.
He explained the special features of the Dudelberg with orchid-rich heaths, species-rich calcareous grassland, rocks, mighty willow beeches, the special service tree and beautiful silver thistles.
This beautiful cultural landscape is strongly influenced and preserved by the grazing of our sponsored sheep.
Having arrived at the top of the Dudelberg, we were soon greeted by loud määäh määääh määääh from our godfather flock of sheep.
Shepherd Franz answered questions and also presented the skills of his dogs.

Andrea Smietana accompanied the group and told about pasture management and the sponsored sheep flock.

After our little hike we had coffee, cake and sausages from the grill at the sheep farm. All participants could take part in a quiz, where there were nice prizes.

Charly Smietana sheared sheep and answered questions about the animals. And to everyone's delight, there were some very cuddly sheep in the barn who were happy to be petted.
The "bottle babies" were also happy to receive affection.

We would like to thank all the sponsors present, the Smietana family, Mr. Kühnhöfer and Lebenshilfe for this wonderful day in Steinheim!


Smietana sheep farm

Our flock of sheep is looked after by the Smietana sheep farm, where the annual sponsorship meeting is held. At this day, all sponsors and interested people can get to know the sheep and the daily work of a sheep farm.

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